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  • kurtoppermann
    started a topic Buying a New Cylinder Head

    Buying a New Cylinder Head

    Greetings all,

    I recently removed the cylinder head and she was cracked. im looking to get a new one, i need a complete assembled one, I see they have them on roughtraxx and i found a place on ebay located in london, called quality cylinder heads. Just wondering if anyone has done any...
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  • Elter
    started a topic Surf head is dead.

    Surf head is dead.

    Driving down the highway, engine heat at a normal level, I look down to find the meter rising. With no shoulder for a solid 2 KM I had to basically coast, hoping I hadn't cooked the thing. I had a case of bottled water and, fortunately, 3 out of 4 liters of antifreeze left in the jug but when I looked...
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  • Strange Headlight fault! (On when engine off)

    I had recently been on holiday for two weeks. Surf worked fine when I left.

    Got back and batteries were flat. Didn't think much of it at first until I went round the front of it and saw a faint orange glow in the headlights...

    Checked inside and, no, the headlights weren't...
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  • Surfs:up
    started a topic Cylinder head

    Cylinder head


    I am trying to buy a surf, and although I would prefer a 3.9 TD, there don't seem to be as many around. I'm considering buying 2.4, but the head has gone. I've looked at both Milners and Roughtrax, but they are priced very differently. Has anyone had experience with either and...
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