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Wanted Rear Passenger Door Glass

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  • Wanted Rear Passenger Door Glass

    i am need of a replacement window for the rear nearside passenger door. The larger window that goes up and down for my 3.0l 1995 Surf. Ideally brown tint but not essential. Some lowlife broke into my Surf by ripping my window out. Many thanks. Dave

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    Call the company and they replace it in an hour. I worked for some years at the football stadium and I took care of VIP lounges and the windows had a lot of scratches that bothered all the viewers. I didn't want to replace them because it costs a lot of money and after a good searching on the Internet about scratched glass resurfacing, I came across a company that is the best in this domain. I called them and they worked the whole day with these glasses but it was worth it because now the windows are like new.
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