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Wanted! Leather seats (original or alternative)

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  • Wanted! Leather seats (original or alternative)

    Hi everyone,

    Now that my 4Runner has been driving in the country for a year or so, I'd like to finally put back some seats on!

    I only have the front fabric seats (back seats were removed in the US for a camper conversion), and would like to get a full set (front and back), in leather if possible. Did anyone spot or does anyone own something interesting? :-)

    Alternatively, do you guys know of any alternative seats to swap to, with good comfort, minimal modifications needed to fit, and a bit more availability? I've yet to see any other 4Runner or V6 Surf on the road (not that the engine will matter for this particular search ;-) )


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    Are you in the UK?

    2nd gen or 3rd gen?

    Left hand drive?

    Leather seats I dont think were an option on 2nd gen surf and very rare on 3rd gen

    Ive installed audi Leather seats in mine but a fair amount of mods were required and plenty of welding.

    Other option is to take your current seats out and give them to a car upholsterers to redo in Leather
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)