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KZN130 (1994) drivers side door loom

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  • KZN130 (1994) drivers side door loom

    From a vehicle with working electric mirrors and windows please!

    Whatsapp me on +1 284 340 3564

    l live in BVI but would have delivered to my Mum's in Wales.
    RZN185 1" lift, 32s - KZN130 2" lift, 32s

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    Hi Boma,

    As a last resort for you, I've got a drivers door with all working parts, but the loom has an issue with controlling the passenger side of the vehicle... Would take some work to find the dodgy connection and fix but it's there if you can't find anything else.



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      cheers Nick - unfortunately that's exactly the reason why I'm after a new loom - m driver's door cuts in and out on occasion.

      I've just fitted a new door and transferred the old mechs/locks/loom, and then lost the Window for a week again, then it came back magically on its' own! If it was one of the other 3 windows, it's only a single wire to test, but as it's the same door there's a few possible locations the fault could be.... hence just easier to find a whole working loom
      RZN185 1" lift, 32s - KZN130 2" lift, 32s


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        Good luck!