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    Been dabbling in toyotas for years but only really got into the whole 4x4 scene the last year or so due to some guys we share a garage with.

    A hj60 i recently started work on.Its an 1983,mechanically perfect but the body is terrible.i extended the chassis about 16" to the rear as the owner(my mate) wanted a decent step up as he does quite a bit of surfing.the shackle mounts have been dropped 2" before the whole lot was sent off to be galvanised then painted.the shell needs extensive work tho and will be an ongoing project just like the other 3 60s in the shed

    Our first big resto

    my corolla and brothers starlet

    loads more motors in the shed,just to lazy tonight to bang up pics
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    Old skool rulz!


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      I got the legacy for a project after the surf is v8'ed, convert from jap twin turbo to big single turbo

      also read on lextreme that someone put the 1uz in a legacy so that might buy another one and v8 it

      old school jap is just tops


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        Im a huge fan of anything japanese from the 70s to mid 90s...after that everything kinda went tits up!The older stuff is alot simpler to work on,plus,with toyotas in particular,alot of parts are interchangeable.In the red car with the 1uzfe iv got a rwd corolla diesel van gearbox(w56),hiace prop shaft and a hilux rear axle.budget build gonna be starting work on a landcruiser troopy shortly then its onto another hj60 thats getting a 1fzfe and auto trans
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