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Some guidelines for green laining

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  • Some guidelines for green laining

    This is a bit of a Do and Don't list. Even so I hope some of you find it useful, also if you can think of any thing I have missed feel free to add to the list.

    Keep to the defined public right of way. Do not drive on land or fields adjacent to the byway.

    Keep to a low speed suitable for the terrain (Glass used to recommend about 12mph).

    Try to avoid unnecessary loss of traction (wheel spinning).

    Avoid excessive splashing when crossing water (puddle bombing).

    Respect other users. Give way to walkers and riders and always thank them.

    Do Not go out alone.

    Keep groups small (I run groups of six on the plain but in other areas I would try to keep it to four).

    Gates ....If they are closed, close them after passing, if they are open leave them open. Do not force locked gates, if it's obstructing a byway turn back and report it to the local councils right of way department (same applies for electric fences).

    A Byway is a public road so seat belts are a must, as well as tax, MOT and insurance (Beware some insurance companies will not cover you on a byway).

    Keep a sensible distance between vehicles (don't tail gate). Also try to keep in sight of the vehicle you are following.

    Take you litter home with you.

    Smokers Please don't throw you cigarette butt out the window, grass and heath fire start easily and are a hazard for all users.

    Ensure you have suitable recovery equipment and recovery point on your vehicle.

    Last but not least Ramblers are not evil ...... But if they want to make a issue of your byway use, be polite calm and and avoid confrontation.
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