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What is THIS!?? (picture)

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  • What is THIS!?? (picture)

    Just got my "new" to me 1994 surf SSRx Limited.
    the clarion stereo W remote CD changer!! was junk and not working so yanked them out.. discovered had to remove almost all the dash trims to access the stereo section..
    I found the cigarette lighter wiring had over heated and completely melted the insulation on a couple of the wires, some past owner re-insulated the wires with a layer electrical tape full length!! uhh.

    additionally NO backlighting other that gauges... (unable to locate round dimmer dial) someone put a rear fog light control in it place.

    While doing this I ran across some weird wiring that does NOT look stock along with a small black box that only says "AT-018" (in picture)
    almost all the wires in the surrounding harnesses have been cut and either tapped or re-spliced into the harness plugs.

    I have removed what looks like some sort of "piggyback" controller.

    I do not have a reference for what they "should " look like before whatever or who ever got in there ant trashed it.

    Please help me identify this mystery box, and maybe what some of the plugs and wires go to.. I have figured out the stereo / speaker related plugs and wires..
    that black box seems to be wired in between the stock harnesses?

    I have re-plugged the stock black plugs together.. no noticeable difference.
    Can anyone tell me what this is or does? Google is not being my friend now...

    Thanks for any help in this electrical nightmare!
    94 Surf 3.0 Diesel. Portland, OR. US damn yank!