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2nd gen SSR-G pickup conversion

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  • 2nd gen SSR-G pickup conversion

    I own a lovely 95 SSR-G surf but I want to own a lovely well looked after single cab pickup to start doing tree jobs on the side, I've tried selling my surf but can't get the money I want for it and when I look at older pickup they are either hanging and dirty or clean and expensive so... i was considering cutting mine up. Plus when I'm driving I will still be in my own lovely old surf (just don't look in the mirrors)

    double cab is a no no as space in the back is the main goal.... sunroof location is an issue and I'd want the rear window to still go up and down.
    possibly use a modern rear tub??

    hit me with any experience you have or even just some ideas.
    Cheers folks.

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      My first idea was to cut the roof off weld the remaining half of the back doors shut, move the back window, do some filling and spraying and use the existing body??


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        Hi, I am two minds about this: your surf looks great, it seems a shame to take a cutter to it.... Plus it will not really be a pick up, more of a station wagon with a bit sewn off. If it was me I wold keep the surf and buy a cheap disposable pickup, with a proper load bin.

        On the other hand I have seen some nice conversions on the forum, like Yoshi's etc. Maybe do a forum search and try to get in touch with them for tips etc.



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          You could always buy a cheap box trailer for a few hundred quid?
          Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)