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Leisure battery install + split charging + trickle charger + 240v + fridge + more!

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  • Leisure battery install + split charging + trickle charger + 240v + fridge + more!

    The big installÖ.!

    So with my gen 1 down at Tonyís, Iíve finally got around to tidying up my gen 2. For a while now Iíve wanted to address the electronics, and go to town on it. The aim being to have something I can take camping and have a separate leisure battery without draining the starter battery, to have things like a fridge and a ton of sockets, being able to plug in a trickle charger for when Iím not using the truck, remote control rear window, a caravan plug hookup, work lamps, and more!

    Iím a big fan of YouTube videos, and Iíve learned a ton from them! Iíve had quite a few people ask me how Iíve done some of the stuff already on my truck, so thought I might as well make it into a video.

    Iím of course new to all of this, but I hope you like it.

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    Watch the video here...

    Schematic and everything is available atÖ
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)

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    Great progress with this. The fridge is in now, and the centre console bit around the gearstick has been sorted with new cig lighter sockets, and I've relocated the rear fog and rear window switch too, as well as mounted my switch box to the right of it
    Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)