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Kzn 130 drive belt change

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  • Kzn 130 drive belt change

    I understand the viscus fan must be removed to remove all the belts. Having removed the radiator recently for a re-core I only took the fan blades off. to remove the viscus fan for belt removal do you need to unbolt the flange connection on the drive pulley, and is there enough clearance to the radiator to withdraw ober the drive pulley studs?
    [I] Stormin[/I]

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    to change the fan belts you don't have to take the viscous fan off as the belts will slide over it.I have never taken the fan off to change belts.


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      Drive belt change

      Thanks Stormforce, will get on and make start change belts set tomorrow, now I know it is possible to change without taking viscus fan off.
      Cheers Stormin
      [I] Stormin[/I]


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        Depends on what type of rad is fitted to the surf will depend on whether or not the viscous fan can be taken off or not without removing the rad.
        Just make sure you slacken the alternator tension right off and also slacken the main bolt fixing the alternator to the block.You will need all the movement on the alternator you can get to change the belts with leaving the fan on


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          KZN 130 Drive Belt Change

          Changed the belts to day. Took both batteries out and removed rad top hose to get better access to remove the rad fan shroud and alternator fixing bolt and tensioner.
          Belts came off OK when alternator tensioner fully wound out, managed to slip belts over fan blades by slipping between blades and winding off.
          Found it easier to fit fan and aircon belt by removing the idler pulley completely and refitting when new belt in place over the other three pulley's.
          Now fitted new re-cored rad and set of drive belts in last three weeks, lets hope thats it for a while.
          [I] Stormin[/I]