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  • Spairs or repairs advice please

    Hi everyone,
    Sadly, after 4 years my 1996 gen 3 Surf 3.0 diesel has lost its engine. Long story short, the block from a landcruiser is installed but has some piston slap and I no longer have a head.

    The rest of the truck is in pretty good condition - brand new toyota front disc and pads, fully rebuilt auto box inc the torque converter only 2 years ago ( about 50k miles since), new drop links all round, good suspension, interior not torn etc.

    It would be prime for an engine swap (either standard 3.0 diesel or V8) but I am not interesting in doing this and have bought a new hilux.

    I would prefer to sell the whole thing in one go as opposed to breaking it for parts but am not sure the best way to go about this. If I was to break it, would I need to do so and advertise every part separately (ebay/on here etc) or is it possible to advertise something like "surf parts for sale, everything available" etc.?

    Where is best, ebay or here or both?

    The only final issue is that I have 2 sets of wheels for it, one set with all terrains (6mm tread left) and the other set with brand new Cooper STT Pro M/Ts. These wheels fit on the new hilux so I am keen to keep them for the sake of the tyres. This means the surf is currently propped up on random old wheels under the chassis and can't be rolled. Obviously this doesn't matter if I break it but it's a problem for anyone wanting to buy it and drop a new engine it. I have been looking at second hand wheels but can't find any at the moment that are cheap enough to make it worthwhile ( what if I buy wheels and nobody wants the truck as a whole?). Any thoughts here? Do most people who buy a project like this tend to stick aftermarket wheels on anyway?

    Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Stick it on ebay and here - if you'd prefer to sell it whole and do find a buyer then there's always a way to get a car moved (including chassis dolleys - ask the internet). If you don't find a buyer that way then strip it - it'll take you longer but would probably make more £ than a non runner with no wheels. Search ebay and you'll see there's plenty of individual listings that refer to a whole car being scrapped. Keep us all posted, and out of interest - where are you?



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      Thanks for the suggestions. I cleaned it all out yesterday and itís such a good old truck it seems a shame to break it. Tempted to get some used tyres so that I can sell it with wheels (and keep the nice mt tyres for myself).

      Iím near Guildford, Surrey.