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    Guys, I am probably setting myself up like duck in a shooting gallery here but Ö.. I need to upgrade my Gen3 suspension because of increased load carrying. To cut a very long story a bit shorter I've settled on OME gear. The rear springs are going to be 891's which are medium heavy with about a 2 inch lift, but There is a problem.
    You all know this, but just for those who donít - these springs are often used for the Surf/4runner but they were actually developed for the Prado 90 series, which in LHD form is
    weighed down on the left side by having the driver,battery and fuel tank on one side. so the 2891 spring set has one short spring and a trim packer to alter the spring and even up the stance of the vehicle.
    I fully appreciate that OME put a lot of research into their springs but to be honest after a lifetime with all sorts of vehicles, there is absolutely Nothing that will convince me that using different length coil springs is a good idea trim packer or no. I mean, even if they had gotten NASA to do the research, it just wont work for me,and yes, I know that there are going to be a lot of people out there who Will have used the 2891 with trim packers with no probs ,and I am going to get flamed, so just put it down to personal choice - I just lfeel happier with idea that the coil springs on my vehicle the same length .
    Having said that, remember that in the RHD 4runner/Surf The battery and the driver are on the other side to the tank so the setup is actually different than in a LHD Prado and the weight
    Is fairly even to start with so really, is one short spring and trim packer really necessary in a Surf ?
    Anyway, here is the point,Unfortunately, the only way to get a set of 891's of the same length is to buy two sets so I am wondering if there is anyone out there who is interested in jointly purchasing two sets of 891's so that we both have a set of equal length springs. There will be a 10mm difference between sets so I guess we just draw lots to choose. I am happy make the initial lay out. please PM me if you are really interested. cheers, Nick
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    Hi, are you just going for the springs or the full set up? Did you get the 2891 by using the ARB selector ( and putting the Prado 90 in?

    I have looked at the OME gear before and never settled on it due to cost and difficulty in getting it here ( I am in Malawi). In the end I went for the RT uprated springs and they made a real difference with heavy loads, I still have them on few years down the line and they are still ok, not as tall as new but still ok.

    My question is: the OME springs are longer, isn't the advice normally given to also combine them with the shocks? The RT suspension lift kit has different shocks to match the longer springs...



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      Yes, I am doing the whole vehicle - shocks and springs,etc.. I worked out my ideal setup researching over a few weekends online but I figured this posting would end up being too long going into all the other stuff too !. I did the springs on my old hilux Pickup a few years ago and it worked out pretty good.
      As you say, the longer springs really need longer shocks than standard, but I always intended to change them any way as part of the upgrade. My
      preference would be for koni shocks but they are more than my budget.
      My daughter lives in Oz and I had considered getting her to ship me some Lovell springs as I have heard good things about them but the costs turned out to be prohibitve what with shipping, taxes and duty etc.
      I doubt anyone will be wanting to get the same springs as me, but worth a shot anyway.
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        Yes, definitely worth a shot, good luck and post some pics when done.