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  • 4wd problems...

    Hi, I've been searching through this site and it's helped no end with problems I've come across already. But I just wanted to check something with you guys. I have a 3rd gen surf 3.0 TD SSRG and have had it for just over a week now and it's seems like it's stuck in hi4 when the selection stick is forward. With the button pressed in the four wheels are solid green (indicating its in 4wd)which I'm pretty sure is what is supposed to happen. Now if I press the 4wd button as if I was taking the vehicle out of 4wd the center diff light as well as the green wheel lights begin to flash. Now if I select hi4L or L4L all that happens is all lights flash. Am I right in thinking the vehicle is stuck but working OK in hi4 but every other selection isn't working. Flashing light meaning there's a problem ? I will be looking into this with my farmer friend who's a good 4x4 mechanic and will most likely have this in parts soon but I want to try and get an idea of what is happening . Any help is much appreciated .

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    So when pressing the button and also moving stick to h4l and l4l I can hear its trying to do something. But the only time it's solid green is when in h4/h2 with button pressed in. Is it worth/OK to release button as if selecting h2 and just driving in this for a while and see what happens? Like I said me and a friend are gonna be going over everything a d giving it a service, checking all vac lines etc so hopefully will get this sorted. Just wanted to check that it's still safe to do this to see if it knocks itself out of 4wd...?


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      Just thought I would add to the post as I've sorted it. After reading post after post regarding this problem I put a few of the things that people said into practice and worked a treat. So I was turning the engine on and off after selecting the different 4wd modes which seemed to give it a bump into action. I repeated this several times as my guess was it was just sticking as not been used for some time. After doing this and also chancing from h2/h4 while driving 10mph it seemed to release everything. All is working fine now and fingers crossed it carries on that way. I will be using the 4wd at least once a week from now on just to make sure it doesn't get stuck again. Thanks to this site and the many threads on this subject I'm now a happy man again!


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        Well done. The mechanism gets lazy if it's not used. Other than that it's quite reliable, so make a point of engaging it every now and then to keep it working smoothly.


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          Thanks, yes I will do. There will be a need to knock it in to 4wd weekly anyway with my work and where I live. Hopefully it stays this way.