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Rear Shock Absorber Fitting

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  • Rear Shock Absorber Fitting

    Hi all, sorry but been away for a while. I am looking to find out if there are any tips or tricks associated with the fitting of rear shock absorbers. On Monday my wife returned home after a photoshoot on Dartmoor and said that she thought something was wrong with the suspension as the car had got VERY bouncy. I had a look under the back end and found the problem immediately, the top pin of both of the rear shock absorbers had snapped and the top ends were floating around loosely next to the springs. I got onto RT and ordered a pair of their standard Monroe shocks as replacements with the intention of fitting them both today (they were delivered by lunchtime) taking the old ones off was easy, they were only attached at the bottom!!!!
    However the fitting of the new shocks has been a real nightmare, how do you get the top nut done up tight, with a nyloc nut, when the whole shaft turns. It is a very limited space in which to work and there is no way to get a pairs of pliers or grips in there to hold the shaft still at the same time as using a spanner, am I missing something??

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    Hi Tony, When I did mine a few years back now, I needed a helping hand with a set of stillson's held onto the top washer like part under the Nylock nut, (held by by the son in law) while I had a ratchet spanner undoing the nut ...
    FYI. Ya may have to do the the same when refitting the new shockers
    Good Luck

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      Thanks for the response Diezel, unfortunately there is nothing fixed to the shaft (to grip[ on to) other than two tiny flats at the very top that fit a 5mm spanner.

      Therefore I adopted a somewhat more robust approach and cut out two slots in the floor of the boot so that I could get to the top of the shocks this enabled me to use an impact wrench to tighten the nuts, worked a treat. Made up two 3" x 2" plates put sealant on the backs and screwed them down so that should they ever need replacing again, the job's a goodun.

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