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41:10 ratio front diff.

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  • 41:10 ratio front diff.

    I've had a bearing weld to the front pinion gear in my KZN185; any advice on how to find one or how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

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    get numbers off old bearing and replace?


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      might need to amend details of yur specific vehicle


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        Thanks for your help vortexwizard,
        I have purchased a bearing kit from RoughTrax hoping to find a replacement used diff.
        Unfortunately the bearing has picked up on the main pinion gear shaft; I thought of perhaps having it turned down and using a none standard bearing (smaller dia. inner) as I was a CNC Programmer/Setter/Machinist in a previous time, however the engineer who has stripped the diff. is not in favour of this?
        Plenty of new on eBay but no one shipping from Aus, NZ, USA and I cannot understand the Japanese sites (please don't mention Alibaba).
        At my wits end as to where to search next.


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          Once you've got a part number from vortexwizard's link above, search for it on They ship from UAE and Japan, and I've used them quite a bit.