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What's this fan for?!

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  • What's this fan for?!

    Hi there folks. I've been removing my aircon as it hasn't worked for years and gets in the way. Grill off and aircon bits removed, there's a small fan in front of the rad on the drivers side. Is it another aircon fan, if not what's it for? Just wondering if I can bin it also?

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    Ok, I did search on here before submitting this post and found diddly squat.

    Just now I did a Google search and that linked me to a post on here (!) about this exact question dating from 2003! Turns out I wasn't the only one who didn't know! Anyway I think I can fairly safely say it's for cooling as I had the 2 underslung fans with the aircon rad which are now all removed. I see that I can check it tomorrow (in the light) by removing the lead underneath the rad cap. When I think it should run. Bet it doesn't.


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      Yeah I think there is a small fan for the air con condenser (which looks like a mini rad). Only reason I know is someone I know removed theirs from them and gave me theirs as a spare!
      Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)