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1KZTE Belt sizes?

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  • 1KZTE Belt sizes?

    I was having a bit of a problem with the batteries not charging on my Surf, and on inspection I found that one of the alternator belts was missing, and the other was on its last legs and had very little tension and thus wasn't driving the alternator. So I picked up a couple of belts from Eurocarparts (access to a trade account makes their prices pretty good), and went about fitting them. The only problem was that they're too wide. Eurocarparts, Roughtrax, and even Halfords all list the required belts as being 13x1000, yet there is no way they'll fit. What does fit is a 10x1000, which appears to be what I took off. Luckily my local motor shop had the right belts (at a very good price too) as I couldn't have made it to Eurocarparts or Halfords, and I had to have the car working next day.

    So, is my Surf 'unusual'? Is 13x1000 the correct size? Or do all the suppliers have the wrong part listed (probably all from the same source database)? Anyone else done a belt change recently? What size did you use?
    Paul </Slugsie> far!

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    Hi Paul, these the ones ya looking for or is yours a LN130 .....?

    18+ Years of Surfs n 10 years later me KZN 130 Spotless it wasn't but Faultless to a "T" it was but expired in March 2018....My other replacement Truck is now also faultless to a "T" !!
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