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Electronic fuel injector pump valve replacement query

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  • Electronic fuel injector pump valve replacement query

    Sorry, also posted in 3.0 diesel thread as wasnt sure if this was electrical q or not.

    I have a 1995 Surf 3.0L diesel automatic. KZN130 with a 1KZTE motor. The electronic fuel injector pump has already had one valve replaced, now it has failed again. Different valve.
    We are told that we cant just change this valve without also having a special jig in order to calibrate it. We dont have this and its too expensive to get one here in NZ.
    We are told that if it isnt calibrated it could just run 'wild' and blow the engine.
    But others have said we can just change the valve without calibrating it, it just wont 'run as well'.
    Theres a big difference between it not running as well (thats fine) and blowing the bloomin engine up.
    The cost of a new valve is around $170 but the whole pump (second hand) is $600+ (new ones are >$5000).
    The pump is the electronic one Number 22100 67070.
    I dont want to change it for a mechanical one as then I have to get garage to also install throttle cables etc and my cruise control wont work (reason I bought this model).
    Can anyone please advise which is correct?
    Have been without vehicle for 5 weeks already while trying to source an affordable e pump :-(