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Yet another alternator thread - Sorry guys!

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  • Yet another alternator thread - Sorry guys!

    About 8 months ago, the batteries kept dying in the truck. It's a 92 2L-TE Surf. I replaced them (as they'd seen better days anyway...) and then tested the output of the alternator on the new batteries. It was only producing 11.3v, no battery warning lights on the dash or anything. I pulled the alternator off and ran it over to a mates auto spark shop and he replaced the rectifier for me at the whopping cost of a bottle of Bacardi.

    Last week, I thought I'd better get it into work, change the oil and make sure she was ready for (hopefully...) a horrendous winter. Half way to work, all of the idiot lights on the dashboard lit up accompanied by an annoying constant beeping noise. I pulled up at work, checked the voltage as the gauge seemed slightly low, and alas, 12.2v. With a big rev (up to the governor) the lights went out and the beeping disappeared. I drove it home, no issues. Drove it in yesterday, no problems at all, and suddenly, as I pulled up to work today, idiot lights and beeping returned. Checked the output, and it's putting out 12.27v. Checked earths, checked the connections on the alternator, all seem fine. To begin with, revving it up would lift the voltage and turn the warning lights off, but now, they're constant.

    Am I looking at a new alternator this time? Do these vehicles not appreciate a bit of time off the road?!
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    It should be showing between 13-14V at the batteries with engine on high tick over to charge the batteries.


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      Yeah I knew what it should be, but wasn't sure if there could be a plug that dicks about or something. As it happens, one of my local factors had one sat on the shelf covered in dust. 75 later (half price apparently, just because it'd been there about 8 years...) and she's sorted again. I've had enough of taking it off to replace one component inside, so thought I'd gamble on a new one.

      Just the speedo not working to sort, a rear fog light to re-attach, and seal the leak at the top of the windscreen and I can get her in for her MOT when it's due in 3 weeks and hopefully I'll get the love back for her!