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  • Surf 3.0ltr

    Im looking for a battery tray for above surf trying to turn it into a 2 batt model anyone got one for sale please

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    You've not specified the year.....

    But for a 3rd gen at least to do this conversion you need to cut it out of the inner wing, as they are spot welded to the sheet metal. It's not a part that can be easily removed and posted.
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      surf 8lt td

      ty for your reply im not sure if you mean its difficult to get it from dona car or to put it into my surf i have found a breakers and purchased the tray and all the wiring for second bat. and its a 1996 m8
      ty for your post m8
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        Ok have managed to get the tray and all the wiring for second battery the tray is plastic same as in use on main battery local battery shop is going to fit it all up for me thanks for help