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  • interior light

    The one between the front seats doesn't work, checked bulb and that's good. Does this have a fuse anywhere? Can't seem to find one listed in the fusebox
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    IIRC the middle contact is power.
    DOME is the fuse

    Mine was imtermittent in its operation.
    I had power at the contacts but they were in poor condition. A bit of wet and dry on the contacts and it was fine.


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      Mine was also intermittent. Power to the fitting was good, it just didn't seem to reach the light very well. On closer inspection the contacts were getting quite corroded, so they weren't contacting properly. I cleaned them up a bit which helped. In the end some parts were so corroded that the rivets actually gave way. I ended up putting in some small bolts to hold it all together. However while it was apart I was able to get in and really clean the contacts up. Works perfectly now. Replaced the bulb with an LED one, and it really lights the interior up nicely now too.
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