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Headlight conversion RHD -> LHD

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  • Headlight conversion RHD -> LHD

    Hi folks,

    I'm planning to import a KZN185 pre facelift Surf from the UK to Europe, and for part of that I will need to undertake a headlight conversion to enable the car to drive on LHD roads.

    Could anyone advise whether I am off track here?

    I believe a headlight assembly from an RZN185L 4Runner will fit into the front end, and do the job, being these part numbers:

    1) Is that correct? If nothing will fit then I am on to a loser from the start
    2) If so, is it needed to change the full assembly, or just the sub-assembly? I don't know if the relevant part is the reflector at the back or is it the lens.
    3) I'll probably need to get this imported from the US, unless anyone has any in the UK maybe left over from a US 4Runner?

    Cheers for the wisdom

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    I don't know the answer to this but hopefully someone here does. See if you can cross reference the lens and sub-assembly for yours and the 4Runner. Maybe it's just the sub-assembly you need.


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      Oo that would be a nice outcome