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    I had to replace a side light this evening and ended up replacing with LED. Huge difference as you can see in the picture.

    While I was getting the bulbs I saw that they had H4 headlight bulbs. Unfortunately I was told that they may be illegal (I'm in Ireland, but the tests are probably similar. I've added a picture of our regs).

    Has anyone on here made the change to LED, and if so how did it go? Part of my worry is whether or not they run too hot for the headlight, but I think that that may have been older generation replacement bulbs.

    1: LED vs standard sidelight
    2: Irish light regulations
    3: Full headlights with LED lightbar
    4: Dimmed headlight


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    Good work!

    I have LED headlight bulbs for my current project, but haven't got to the stage of fitting them yet. LEDs will run cooler than Halogen, much cooler, so don't worry about heat.
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      My bigger worry is the light dispersal, as I'm told that due to the nature of the bulb/light source that it may not work right, ending up with little light or blinding other road users. It could also be a CVRT (MOT) failure.

      I have a list of bulb types put together (can't find one anywhere, including the user manual, but there are a couple I can't identify. Does anyone have a comprehensive list?

      1998 Toyota Hilux Surf KZN185 1KZ-TE
      Type Qty Colour Function
      W21/5W (2) Red Stop/Tail
      W21W (2) Amber Rear Indicator
      W21W (2) White Reverse
      P21W (2) Red Rear Foglight
      (1) White Rear Number Plate
      T10W (2) Red Centre Brakelight
      T10W (2) Amber Side Indicator
      H4 (0) White Headlight
      T10W` (0) White Front Sidelight
      (2) White Front Foglight
      P21W (2) Amber Front Indicator



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        most of the H4 LED bulbs don't give the correct light pattern because of the position of the LED drivers do not match the reflector of the Surf's headlamp housing. Most of the time, it produces excessive light directed towards oncoming traffic. The good ones are Philips Ultinon Line, IPF, and PIAA. Unfortunately, these are also pricey.
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