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Popping Pink Fuse

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  • Popping Pink Fuse

    Hi guys
    I've been missing for a few years
    still have my 2nd gen 3.0ltr but she’s in need of tlc

    the problem I have is that I have taken her out of storage in mind of getting her back on the road.
    Both batteries were dead so in the interim I have bought a new one.
    When connecting the new battery it blows the 30amp Pink fuse in the engine bay.
    I have tried to locate the fault but it’s beating me.
    I have tried taking the multi plug off the alternator and the big lead off the starter
    The fuse still blows

    what should I try next?

    if it helps when I tried jump starting with the old battery everything seemed fine but it wouldn’t turn over
    when i connected the battery the alarm would power up and the central locking would activate.
    These things don’t do anything when I blow the fuse.
    Where do I start?