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Reverse Wire Under the Dash or at ECU? (KZN-185)

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  • Reverse Wire Under the Dash or at ECU? (KZN-185)

    I thought this would be simple, but it turned out to be a surprising headscratcher.

    1996 Hilux Surf KZN-185.

    I am installing a new headunit and I need to find a wire under the dash that indicates when the Reverse gear is on (i.e. +12V when gear is selected) [no, I can't/won't run a wire from the the reverse lights in the back because I am using a wireless camera].

    I thought there would be something coming off the shifter or the ECU, especially since there is a stupid beeper that activates in reverse, but apparently no luck.

    The only place I found a Reverse indicating wire is the IE2 connector at the driver's kick-plate. It has (1) a red-yellow wire coming in from the front - I couldn't find it anywhere else under the dash, and brown with silver dots wire coming out to the rear. However, that's a bitch of a place to put a tap in.

    Is there any other location / harness under the dash that has a reverse sensing wire?