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Rear window conundrum of conundrums

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  • Rear window conundrum of conundrums

    Hi all

    Have searched till the cows come home and still can't work out from the existing threads what's going on with my rear tailgate window...


    Tailgate works as normal off front switch in cab. So, motor works, mechanism works, wiper seated, etc.

    Won't work off rear key switch, up or down. Have taken apart white plastic disc mechanism behind lock barrel, cleaned all contacts, nothing. Replaced that whole cable too, nothing.

    When I turn key switch, it beeps from the dash when going turning it left, and beeps a higher pitch when turning it right. Two distinct pitches of beep, however nothing happening with window.

    To complicate matters further, sometimes after I've got the window down off the front switch, when trying to turn it left from the rear key switch to go up, it rises a few mm, barely above the weather strip, and stops, then does nothing either way.

    I've also checked all wires out from the tailgate looping around underneath and all appear healthy externally at least, and unchafed / unbroken. In feeling along every individual wire none seem crunchy or broken inside either.

    Finally, I now hear a rapid clicking sound from under the dash too (never heard it before), like a relay rapidly going off / on. AND, my rear wiper now doesn't work.

    WTF is going on?! Anyone ?? HELP!


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    Oh, I should add, with the window down from the console switch, there's no beeping. When I then unlock the tailgate via the button inside next to the handle, no beeping. When I open the tailgate, BEEPING. Constant beeping, coming from the dash area, and no DOOR LOCK light showing on the dashboard either.

    I'm trying to get my head around this, I guess it's allowing the tailgate to open, but thinks it's still locked? Could that be why the window from the key switch isn't going up or down?

    Still no working rear wiper, and I still have complete functionality of the window and tailgate from the console switch (bar the constant beeping when it's actually open.) I can kill this beeping by disconnecting the main switch on the tailgate to the loom.

    Anyone here with the faintest idea?



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      Rear wiper now working after trying the down and up trick of the rear window from the console switch.

      The relay clicking from the dash area has now stopped (must have been the wiper one), and the beeping of the key when turned left / right appears to have now stopped. Though still no rear key switch operable.

      Still open for any advice from leccy gurus!



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        Have you tried replacing the rear window relay module?

        On a gen 2 and gen 1 (and presumably a gen 3 too) it's in the rear left of the vehicle (passenger side) behind the little storage box thingy on the left (see pic)

        To get at it you have to remove the plastic interior part for the left side of the boot (or at least loosen in) and then remove the storage box which sits behind little door, and then it is behind there.

        Try replacing that with another one and see if that works
        Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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          Yeah thanks may have to!

          Just went out and tried it again, worked up and down with key switch! Then wouldn't go up again.

          Also still no BACK DOOR light. Makes me think the tailgate basically thinks it's permanently locked, even if it isn't. The key switch appears to be random now, as it just worked as normal.

          Are these symptoms indicative of a bad relay? Or loose wiring?



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            For anyone else who's getting similar symptoms, I've got live signals on both wires to the rear switch and the ground is responding as it should when the key is turned ,so everything pointing to the relay.

            Can't be bothered to move my fridge and peel back all the trim to get to it, so will work it just off the front button for a while I think!

            Cheers for response Rob.



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              Took it all out, replaced the relay box, exactly the same symptoms.

              Thinking of now jacking all that in, and figuring out a way to hardwire the rear key switch straight to the motor without the relay.