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Help fixing Rad Fan circuit please!

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  • Help fixing Rad Fan circuit please!

    Hi there. Well, having ascertained that the fan bolted to the front of my radiator is for the rad (what was I thinking!) I see you can test it by pulling the connector off below the thermostat. As far as I know it should then operate but it doesn't.

    So, I pulled the solenoid from the engine compartment, took the top off and I've cleaned up the contacts where they looked a bit charred, squirted some contact cleaner in and dried it. There is power coming to the solenoid permanently and when I manually move the contacts with my screwdriver the fan powers up fine. There is no voltage detected at either of the side contacts on the solenoid though.

    There's also no voltage detected at either of the cables going to the connectors on the thermostat housing when the ignition is off. When I turn the ignition on there is about 10.5v at both of those wires.

    So, can anyone help? Is there another fuse somewhere I need to find and check? The one under the bonnet is fine, 20A I think.

    Many thanks.
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    Right, I've been studying wiring diagrams but I'm not getting anywhere with that, so a bit more poking around and I've now got the circuit working correctly, but only when the ignition is on.

    Surely this fan should come on when the ignition is off, if the temperature is high enough? I'm sure that years ago it used to do that when I'd turned the engine off.

    EDIT: Actually, maybe I am barking up the wrong the system clever enough to keep the control circuit going if the car's been running & it's too hot but won't run it when the ignition is off before being started and the car is cold?

    It'd be great if someone with the same Surf could go pull their wire and let me know?

    EDIT AGAIN: So, I just started her up (reluctantly as I have a bit of an engine problem at the moment), turned her off and pulled the cable and the fan didn't come on. So the circuit isn't on a timer.

    Then I pulled the cable, turned the ignition on and the fan started, started the engine and the fan stops running!! Turned it off and it still didn't run.

    Getting really confused!
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      Ok, I just found from another topic (5 years old) that if you remove the Aircon the fan won't work. Well mine does come on when you remove the connector on the thermostat housing but only when the ignition is on, not when the ignition is either off or the engine is running. Anyone know what the fix is for this?