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Electrical issues, anyone experienced this before?

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  • Electrical issues, anyone experienced this before?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could help/ have dealt with a problem like this before.

    I parked up my 1993 1st Gen 2.4 at the start of the week with no issues at all. When I came to start it today, the was a loud clicking from behind the dash when ignition was on and the instruments/ dash lights were going mad and it wouldn't start... We were in a rush so hopped into the Mrs's car.

    When I have returned to it this afternoon, the instruments and dash lights do nothing unusual, but when trying to start the engine there is absolutely nothing, no turn over or starter motor clicking.

    The batteries have juice, all the fuses are in good condition and I've checked all the obvious earth and connections, but some services within the car work, and others don't...

    Working: Headlights, Sunroof, front Window wipers, dash lights, voltage instrument, indicators (clicked as if a bulb was gone for several seconds, then stopped and no longer work).

    Not working: Central locking, Windows, Clock, Radio and Arial, Windscreen washers, courtesy lights, Rear window wiper and of course, the starter motor.

    Does anyone have an inkling as to what this could be? A short circuit or knackered relay? Or could it be the starter, even though other services are lacking power.

    Thanks for any ideas!!

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    Sounds very similar to this:
    Total power loss

    11th October 2017, 06:21
    Hi, looking for help as I am baffled! Was out driving in my 3rd gen 3.0 Surf yesterday on a normal road here in Bulgaria, for normal read potholed and rough when all of a sudden (no warning) everything died. Lights,radio,blowers, starter, central locking, the lot, total power loss. I have a Laseline immobiliser fitted, this is making a few noises and my dash lights come on but nothing else. When I opened up the starter relay and manually operated it the starter cranked the engine over but did not start (no fuel) I have a feeling the problem lies with the immobiliser, but my mechanic says not. can anyone please throw some "light" on this problem as this is my only transport and I am stuck. Thanks in advance,Tom.

    12th October 2017, 13:52
    Total power loss

    Job fettled now,turned out to be damaged main positive feed to engine compartment fuse box shorting out to earth, could have been nasty,but mechanic sorted it for 35 pounds which included transporting on flat bed (6 miles) to his workshop. He's a grand lad.


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      Also try connecting battery negative terminal to earth on engine and good earth point on chassis using jump cables, hopefully this will get everything up and running ( make sure cables are nowhere near fan etc.) if this does work then you need new earth straps.


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        Hi TomTemp and Georgecarnell,

        Many thanks for the suggestions! I've checked what i assume to be the positive feed cable to the Engine fuse box and the condition looks fine. Can this short inside the box?

        I've had a go at connecting the negative terminal to earth point and the chassis and had no luck there either. I have found however that after doing so, the voltage across the batteries is being soaked up by something.