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  • Ignition switch help

    I need to replace the whole assembly including the key portion my question to the masses it as follows.....Is the electrical part of the switch that attaches to the rear of the steering lock key assembly the same on a gasoline powered and a diesel power Toyota. If they are not can someone provide me the part number to the switch so I can source the correct one. In Ontario Canada the Toyota diesels are not listed in the data base at the dealer nor the parts stores. I assume the glow plugs come on with the run portion of the switch and the you use the start to roll over the motor so I am hopeful they are the same part in both trucks. Mine is a 1995 Hilux Surf with the 3.0 engine
    Thank you

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    Hi n welcome ya could try advertisers on here, Roughtrax or Milneroffroad
    Good Luck

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