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Intermittent electrical power loss

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  • Intermittent electrical power loss

    Iíve been searching and scratching my head on this one for a while.
    I first noticed my stereo turn off then back on when I would turn on my signal, only sometimes. Then after a couple weeks I turned my signal on and the truck went dead, total power loss. Turned the key on and off a bunch of times then the power came back and I could start it and go on my way. Itís not just signals either, this has happened when I hit the brakes coming up to a stop light as well. This problem is very intermittent, sometimes it wonít happen at all for s few days, sometimes itís just the stereo turning off and other times itís total power loss.

    I have checked my grounds from the batteries, cleaned and tightened all terminals, I have checked all the wiring under the hood and behind the dash, trying to replicate the problem (truck running with signal on and wiggling all the wires), pulled the stereo out, inspected all the wiring behind the dash.

    If anyone has any ideas please help!

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    Had the same happen a few weeks ago, it did turn out to be bad earth connections ( cables breaking down internally). quick test by using jump lead to connect battery negative pole to good earth points on engine and chassis, being sure to keep cables away from moving parts when you start up. i then ran new earth straps to engine and chassis once I had proved to myself that this was the problem.
    been 100% good since doing this.Hope this cures yours too,Tom.