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  • no dash warning lights

    can any of my fellow surf owners help me with this problem i have with my dash lights not working as i am out of ideas
    i have a 1991 2.4td and i have had no probs with the dash until now ,i have not used the car for a few months and changed the batteries about a month ago and all was good but went out to start the car today and i have no dash warning lights but do have glowplug lamp and nightlights etc just nothing comes on when the ignition is switched on, the car still starts ok its just the lights, i have checked all the fuses and relays and they are good anyone else had this problem and fixed it or have any ideas whats wrong

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    had this problem with mine after fitting another engine,but in my case it would not start,new ECU solved the problem,also noticed the alternator when disconnected you dont get any warning lights but other stuff would it charging when running/rev counter etc working,possibly the alternator


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      hi jim thanks for replying i have rev counter ,dash ights and glow plug light but no warning lights or chimes or beeps and it is not charging as i checked on the batteries revved up engine and volts dropped slightly and then i checked terminal on alternator and it sat at 12 ish volts and just drops slowly even when revved so i defo think alternator is dead but just a bit concerned about dash lights as i thought when alterrnator died the battery light stayed on not stop working totally ?


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        problem sorted it was the diode pack on the alternator