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Where is the 12v fuse on a 3rd gen surf??

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  • Where is the 12v fuse on a 3rd gen surf??

    I've blown the fuse on my cigarette lighter on a 1996 surf 3.0. I cannot for the life of me find the fuse, where is it located?
    Doesn't appear to be under the bonnet or behind the little fuse box by the drivers knee.

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    I believe all Jap cigarette lighters are of a different construction of those replacement ones in accessory shops such a Halfrauds.
    I fixed my cigarette lighter (fuse was not blown) last summer on my 2nd gen & later on in the year on the Mitsy Delicia ( fuse not blown also) the same way as the Surf one.
    Buncefield Burner


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      Check this link out ... not Surf related but cigarette lighter related !! (
      Buncefield Burner