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MOT emissions failed

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  • MOT emissions failed

    Hi all, been a long time since been on here. My belovid 2.7 ssrx gen3 has been on a sorn for the past 7 years. Had it on a battery maintanance charger, & started up, ran up to temp, then had a quick Blast round the block to keep fluids flowing every weekend. I finally saved enough money up to get it back on the road leagaly. Put it in for pre MOT 5 months ago, and got a list of things needing to be replaced (mainly front brake callipers pipes & hoses & tyres all round). Had to get some parts imported from UAE & Japan. The tester did the exhaust co2 test on the pre MOT and said it should be OK. Spent the past 5 months getting parts & fitting them. Finally got it booked in for MOT today & was confident it would sail through. But NO, it would not pass the emissions even after several attempts. I was gutted, total curved ball. It passed on all the parts I had spent & months fitting, but still got a fail. So any suggestions to get the co2 down would be great. Can not get a cat, or hot gas sensor (bank 2). Do not know what the cause is. Would an OBD2 code reader flag up a code for any duff component. I am going to fit a new air filter, set of new GKN spark plugs & rotor arm. Also dose the fuel with injector cleaner additive. That is about all I can think of doing or afford at the moment. Will put it in for retest next week & see if that will be enough to get it to go through emissions, or makes any difference. Will let you know if it goes through the retest. If it fails again, then it will just have to sit out the front of my house and rot away on the SORN. Cheers all Stew.....
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    Emissions and fuel mix are largely ecu controlled, so if you’re doing the air filter, and plugs, the O2 sensors are the prime suspect. Other than that, clean the MAF sensor, some fresh fuel and a good kicking down a country road should clear the crap out. Not sure if the petrol engine has an EGR or not, but that could benefit from a clean too.


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      Thanks for your reply DMaudio. I have tried getting the hot gas sensor (after cat, bank2), but it is not available anywhere, not even from Japan. The Lambda Sensor is readily available, but will wait to see if it is flaged up with a fault code first . Will have to look up what the MAF sensor is & EGR. Have got an OBD11 reader in the post, so hope any codes that are displayed will shed some light on what is causing the emissions to be high.


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        Sorry I meant the lambda sensor. If it has 2 sensors in the exhaust, the 2nd one probably just monitors the cat. The 1st one will affect the emissions, but will not necessarily throw a code if it’s pooched.

        The MAF (mass air flow) sensor will be either in or just after the air filter pipe work. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve will sit between the exhaust and the inlet manifold usually via some pipe work.