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1uz no reverse and solenois issues

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  • 1uz no reverse and solenois issues

    hi guys. Chris from over here in the UK. The lockdown we have here has given me a chance to finally get my land cruiser conversion finished. I am having transmission issues. Everything looks to be wired to the right places. I have some pretty decent diagrams. But I have no reverse gear.

    Upon investigating I have found that no matter what position the gear selector is in I get the same values at the plug for the solenoids. These being.

    S1-ground 12v
    S2-ground 5v
    S3 across the pins 2.2v
    S4 across the pins 2.2v
    These values never change even when moving the selector.

    This was done without the engine running. Would that make a difference?

    Any thoughts would be great chaps.
    Thanks in advance