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    OK please don't shoot. I am about to start a 1UZ swap into a 1996 Landcruiser colorado. I have been hovering around this forum since I had a surf a few years back Finally nit the bullet and bought (pick up tomorrow( to go in my off roader. Hoping to pick up some advice on here with the basics of the KZJ and the KZN being very similar. Anyone have any advice before I begin????

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    If you've not already, check out Kelvin's (aka gloverman) videos at He's a really nice guy to deal with and he's done a huge number of 1UZ swaps.


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      Can anyone explain gear ratios? There does appear to be a slight differance between the 1UZ box and the Prado. but not much.

      Prado is
      1st 2nd 3rd O/D Reverse
      2.804:1 1.530:1 1.000:1 0.753:1 2.393:1

      1UZ is
      1 2 3 O/D Rev
      2.531 1.531 1.000 0.705 1.88

      reverse seems the only one that is way out.


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        If anyone is interested this is my build page on facebook.