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  • Vvti swap

    Hi can anyone give me some advice I have a gen 2 1991 2.4td and a complete ls400 1uzfe vvti before I get started 1 is this going to work and do I need anything more than just the complete engine and box wiring loom and ecu
    ​​​​​​Thanks in advance

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    if it is a vvti lexus then it is 97-99 i think and there is an immobiliser on the lexus so you will need to either get the immo written out of the ECU or bring across the immobiliser.
    the big thing is the end of the gearbox doesnt marry to the surf transfer case adapator as the lexus GB is a A650E. the 4 speed A340/1E that the old 1st gen lexus has which marries to the surf tc adaptor plate. i dont think you can have a vvti with a a340e box as the ecu will not work.
    you will need the FSM wiring book from Faxon for the vvti or spend days wondering WTF to do as the wiring is very different to the 1st gen lexus.


    if you are a member of lextreme they can hep you further on there. this is how they mated the vvti a650e GB to the surf TC to allow it to be 4wd


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      Thankyou so much for this info in short this means i will have a rear wheel drive ONLY is that correct


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        Well kind of unless you go manual a d get a lot from New Zealand or you design the auto box to fit like the one in the lextreme pic


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          I am making a buggy with the vvti and I have a surf with 1st gen 4 speed auto in a surf. I designing the adaptor to make it 4wd like the one in the pic. But I think if you have the set up like the one in the pic the 4wd shifter will be located in the centre elbow rest due to the length but I could be wrong if you can get it to be as short as possible.
          even on lextreme the vvti a650e auto box conversions write ups are very rare


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            thankyou again Dannyboy77 im going to try my luck as rwd as this will be my first lexsurf conversion, i do have another ?

            do you know will the clocks/instrument cluster from the LS fit in the surf or am i going at this with too much hope


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              if you look through this section you will see a couple of conversions (page 20) i kept the instrument cluster as thought it would be good but had to cut out the dash to fit it in (keep the plastic surround trimming)
              the vvti has a body ecu which controls everything from wipers to door lock etc. you really need the faxon factory spec manual https://www.faxonautoliterature.com/ it is best 60 you will spend. unless you are competent auto electrician i wouldnt start with out it.

              also join lextreme http://www.lextreme.com/forums/index...y-vehicles.15/ this is what they do all day every day. but you might not get a reply as it is world wide and a bit clicky so just search for stuff as what every you think of it has already been done.