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Intercooler with no scoop

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  • Intercooler with no scoop

    How will it run?

    If I fit an intercooler + ancillaries to my KZN185 how will it run with the standard bonnet? I have a 1.5Ē body lift so there is more clearance between the motor and the bonnet.

    I donít want to start cutting holes in the bonnet unless I have to.
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    I had exactly this same situation! The intercooler will still work to a certain degree, & indeed many manufacturers who prefer to keep a clean look (cheaper cost implications too!) and run them with no scoop, some duct the air from the cowl, and some if installed like this actually fit a fan


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      Interesting idea. Has anyone ever done it on a Surf?
      Not allowed 1) tools 2) matches 3) sharp objects