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Tips for bleeding the fuel system on KZN130

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  • Tips for bleeding the fuel system on KZN130

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting my fuel system bled after reinstalling the pump and injectors. I have the glow plugs out and the injector lines cracked loose, and pressure at the lift pump. I filled the pump itself with diesel prior to starting (through the return bolt on top) BUT after spinning it for about 10-12 seconds, waiting a few minutes, then spinning again, I'm still not seeing fuel puddling, leaking, or spurting at the injectors... Is there a step I'm forgetting? Does it just take a lot of spinning? It was running before, and the spill valve and timing control valve are withing spec per the FSM.. timing belt was set spot on, and I aligned the punch mark with the machined surface on the side...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get someone to pump the primer on top of the filter as you crank the engine.


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      Will give that a try today, thanks!


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        Finally was able to fire it up.... Unfortunately it will only run when it's advanced about 2mm above the machined alignment pad.. rough idle and pinging. any less advanced and it wont run. I've double and triple checked my timing belt alignment, both indexes are aligned with their marks.

        Very seriously contemplating a 4m40 pajero pump conversion!


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          I've managed to get the engine to idle fairly smoothly, No CheckEngineLight.... but it's crazy bogged. Poor response from throttle input, won't rev up more than 1000-1200rpm even with the throttle held wide open.. tried to drive it, backed out of the driveway and immediately gave that up. Something's definitely not right.


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            Hi there ,
            What was the outcome of this problem ?
            I have stripped my pump and resealed it .
            My KZN130 will only run if I top the fuel in the pump , it ticks over at 600/900 revs but then dies when it depletes .
            it won't draw the fuel but if I add air pressure to the fuel line and pressurise the incoming fuel to the pump it will throttle .
            The pump impeller vanes looked ok and there are no seals in there .


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              In fact I would think it should have some sort of non return valve , otherwise how would it maintain enough pressure .