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  • rear boot door

    hi guys

    ive not been on for awhile so hope everyone had a good xmas & new year. anyhoos my car was rear ended last month with all the snow, however, the back door took most of the hit. is it easy to replace the back door section or should i just try and beat out the bump best i can with a hammer cos i cant get my window down or open the boot. would like some suggestions and how much it would roughly cost to either fix or replace the door section? my surf is black all round and ive had it for over 6 years so this could be the end of a memorable journey!

    kind regards

    mr angry grrrrrr!!!

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    Hi Mate,

    You know there's loads of people selling spares on here and ebay and Ive seen the complete rear tailgate selling for as little as 45 complete. Maybe not in black but thats minor for getting the boot gate secure, up and working. Have a look around before giving the old girl up


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      Heres one


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        Hell he's postage is steep for it


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          Didn't notice Richard..I'LL have a look


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            40 postage is high.I think the last one i sent was about 25


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              christ...ebay seller...a lot of dough for to be a pick up or go to you Rich.


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                Depending on where you are in Scotland - Overton Garage at Dyce are showing a breaker on their website with no rear end damage - they've got agents they deliver out to every week scattered about as well. Found them quite steep price wise but seem to be open to a bit of haggling, might be worth a try.


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                  black bare tailgate 60 inc pp


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                    Tailgate for Free

                    I have a '94 ln130 that I'm using 4 spares, You can have the tailgate for free if u want to collect? where are you in scotland?


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                      hi guys

                      first of all thanks for taking time to read my post i stay in airdrie which is not far from glasgow....@kiter i might give them a phone and see what it costs. will send an email and test the water

                      my tailgate is exactly the same as the one breaking on

                      i have a post on stormforces thread about a possible tailgate but im wondering if its worth getting my door replaced aswell since rust is startin to bubble through the bottom of door and is startin to break in parts!

                      i must say it still runs great after all this time and ive had no problems with cracked heads etc... touch wood touch wood!

                      if i were to make a list of things to get fixed on my motor it would be...

                      1. tailgate
                      2. fog light since it broke of and smashed
                      3. exhaust rear box
                      4. drivers seat has a slight tear in fabric but not sure if this can be fixed!
                      5. engine oil sump cover
                      6. rear shocks need replaced
                      7. front bull bar that has chrome inserts need replaced all rusted and bubbled
                      8. rear chrome bumper both sides needing replaced bad rust
                      9. four wheel drive gear stick cover has hole in it.

                      think thats all my problems in my hilux and if i could get a price for all this to be replaced and fixed would be great! i know i could tackle most things here but the major ones i gotta leave to a professional. i usually get yoshie aka brian to fix my motor as he stays local so i know its in good hands


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                        sorry i havent been on in a mrs is expecting and im really busy with this and that. so i appologise for not replying quicker, anyhoos do you still have the tailgate and which type is it? also i stay in airdrie north lanarkshire so can travel or try to organise a pick up via courier if possible!