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Engine rattle

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  • Engine rattle

    hello I've got a gen2 3.0td and have just recently fitted a new head ,the last couple of weeks it's developed a 2 to 3 second engine rattle and a slight misfire on first start up of the day with a puff of black smoke then runs fine and starts fine the rest of the day .Now it's done 130000 miles and the injectors look like they have never been serviced could these be the culprits any thoughts most appreciated

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    If the glow plugs are not working on one cylinder it can do exactly as you said. Black smoke = unburnt diesel. Test them individually.
    Normally more grey or white smoke, but keep an eye on coolant levels. Any sign of unexplained loss of coolant could mean a leak somewhere into a cylinder, a tell tale sign is it happens normally when the motor is cold and the crack widens. Rough start early in morning, then behaves all day can be either of these issues. Also check the intake is clean & not gummed up the EGR ... if stuck open it delivers crank airflow rather than fresh at start up.


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      just got injectors back from diesel bob fitted them rattle gone