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Cylinder head ?

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  • Cylinder head ?

    Hello guys I am a proud owner of a 95 3.0td surf I've owned it now for 2years with no problems spent a small fortune on it replaced all components to do with the cooling system runs great ,until the other day started it up and it started running rough with white smoke then cleared up after a couple of minutes,done my research and started with glow plugs took the old ones out tested them and they were knackered,fitted news ones all was good took it out for a spin all fine .The next day before going out again checked the coolant the rad was down and it filled the expansion bottle up with a slight oily residue ,so all points to head or gasket I am waiting on a sniff test to confirm this my question is are the new amc heads a upgrade to the original Toyota heads and how has it cracked with out over heating well not since ive owned it thanks
    also ive try to get hold of stevo at the engine co and seems there not there any more
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    quick update I've done the sniff test on the coolant and it's full of exhaust gases so I'll take the head off this week ,also after some research and a coulple of phone calls the heads were updated in 1996 thicker water jackets and amc use the new head's


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      Cant answer why it cracked but I replaced mine with an AMC from roughtrax, excellent job, haven’t has a problem in the 2 years since


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        Sorry this is a bit late...

        Chances are it's the head that's gone. Surfs can get very hot without you knowing as the temperature gauge is 'held' at the midway point for a wide temperature range (remember how quickly it gets there...).

        Get a sniff test done and if it's positive, get the head done; it won't be the gasket. Don't bother with Stevo, just go to Roughtrax and buy their kit. Replace everything in the cooling system again, including the water pump and service the viscous fan. If you've done the radiator, don't change that again. Be prepared for a 1k+ bill.

        Also, have a look at fitting a remote ATF cooler. The ATF dumps lots of heat in to the radiator when the cooling system least needs it!
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