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Rear diff whine

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  • Rear diff whine

    My breather blocked on a long run and dumped a good chunk of my diff oil over 200 miles. Over the last 30 miles or so I noticed a very distinct whine, which of course I couldn't do anything about, and at that stage the damage was done, so I slowed and dawdled home. On top of this I'm finding some sort of driveline windup when breaking in a straight line in 2wd, and wondering if the diff is really unhappy.

    So as you can imagine, I'm now suffering eternal diff bearing whine. And I'm looking at how to rebuild or replace, and I'd like to consider finding a used Toyota locker. However the vin plate suggests the rear diff is an A02A. Does this ring true for a j97 ap 3.0 SSRX Ltd?
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    What's even more baffling is that all the places I can find listing ratios for the A02A diff suggest it's a 3.7:1, 7.5inch 2 pinion but then all the places I can find talking about the model say its a 8 inch 4 pinion 4.1:1


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      Hmm forum seems to have died a death.