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KZN185 3.0 - engine stops whilst driving, like ignition turned off

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  • KZN185 3.0 - engine stops whilst driving, like ignition turned off

    SOLVED (fingers crossed) ECU was the issue.

    Sent the ECU off to ECU-Doctor in Devon, replaced all capacitors and a few other components that degrade with age, and all seems good. 200 + VAT and a very good service from start to finish.

    Original Post:
    Hi Folks, long time no visit because the truck has been awesome for a couple of years.
    140k on the clock, 60 of that in km, so its a low mileage engine

    But... now we have a problem.

    Its started to cut out now and then whilst driving.
    had some dodgy veggie oil (a few litres i had left over from a while back) so i thought it was filters - swapped out the fuel filter, re-primed, filled the tank with diesel and all seemed fine for a day
    but then it started again.sometimes i can run all day fine, then other times it stops within a few mins. Usually re-starts fine if i prime the fuel filter or if i cycle the ignition a few times to prime the injector pump.
    I've got good fuel pressure, no obvious leaks at pump, injectors, primer etc, I've blown down the fuel line and can hear bubbles in the tank.
    just put another new fuel filter in, just in case.
    No error codes show - just continual flashing ENGINE light when checking - which i believe is 'no codes found'

    it doesn't judder, cough or splutter when it stops, just dies like the ignition has been turned off.
    i did notice the battery light briefly illuminates when it cuts out. and i did notice the battery light briefly illuminate (1 second or less) then go off a couple of times and it didn't cut out.

    Anyone got any similar experiences and remedies?

    batteries - relatively new and holding charge fine
    alternator - no problems known
    error codes - none registered
    fuel filter - replaced
    primer - no leaks noted
    pump - no leaks visible and electrical connections appear sound
    spill valve - clicking as normal an ignition (well i assume its the spill valve clicking!)
    starting - no issues starting so far.

    perplexed I am.....

    Thanks in advance.
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    Update: checked all connectors, fuel primer pump, hoses etc. all seem good. Going to look at the Spill Valve and ECU today. sharing your similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.
    If you're gonna be a bear... be a Grizzly.


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      Try ECU Doctor. Link on the banner on the home page.
      Rob Watson (forum owner and admin)


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        As above, the same symptoms I had. Capacitors in the ECU were leaking.

        ECU doctor or TV repairman will sort it out.