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Stuck in 4 Wheel Drive??

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  • Stuck in 4 Wheel Drive??

    Hi Everyone,

    Wondering if anyone has any idea how to solve my 4 Wheel Drive problem?

    I have a Gen 3 Hilux 96 TD -
    I believe I am stuck in 4 Wheel Drive .....
    I used my 4 WD yesterday in heavy rain and it engaged with no problem showing me 4 green lights as expected.
    But when I came to disengage the 4WD it just continuously flashes on the dash (the four green lights and the central orange light)
    When I drive, park etc you can feel it is still in 4WD as the steering is very heavy on tight bends and reversing out of a parking bay.

    I have done all the usual - shuffled back and forth, driven round the block, Pushed the 2WD/4WD button in again driven in a straight line and then tried again but it is still flashing!
    Never had a problem before - sometimes it takes a little time to engage/disengage but a little braking usually kicks it in.

    Really appreciate any help or advice



    You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!

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    took 90miles but is now back to normal
    You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!


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      You need to select 4wd at least once a week from now on to prevent it happening again. Lack of use causes the actuator to stick in 4wd mde.