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Stuck in 4 Wheel Drive??

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  • Stuck in 4 Wheel Drive??

    Hi Everyone,

    Wondering if anyone has any idea how to solve my 4 Wheel Drive problem?

    I have a Gen 3 Hilux 96 TD -
    I believe I am stuck in 4 Wheel Drive .....
    I used my 4 WD yesterday in heavy rain and it engaged with no problem showing me 4 green lights as expected.
    But when I came to disengage the 4WD it just continuously flashes on the dash (the four green lights and the central orange light)
    When I drive, park etc you can feel it is still in 4WD as the steering is very heavy on tight bends and reversing out of a parking bay.

    I have done all the usual - shuffled back and forth, driven round the block, Pushed the 2WD/4WD button in again driven in a straight line and then tried again but it is still flashing!
    Never had a problem before - sometimes it takes a little time to engage/disengage but a little braking usually kicks it in.

    Really appreciate any help or advice



    You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!

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    took 90miles but is now back to normal
    You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!


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      You need to select 4wd at least once a week from now on to prevent it happening again. Lack of use causes the actuator to stick in 4wd mde.


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        Thanks for that advice, Bushwhacker, Sorry only just noticed your post.

        After another wet day I put the four wheel drive back on and now its been stuck for nearly 2 weeks again!
        It engages into 4wd no problem but when you push the button the icon on the dash just flashes and you can feel it hasn't disengaged completely - its doing something as you can feel the wheels are slightly locked up, the steering feels heavy and you cant reverse park

        I travel 30 miles to work everyday and leave it trying to disengage but put it back in 4WD when I get near work otherwise I have difficulty parking.

        You mentioned above "the actuator" - is this easy to locate and check? Can it be oiled/greased? Is this a part that can be ordered and fitted reasonably easy?

        You have helped me a few times before and I really appreciate it as you have enabled me to do quite a few jobs myself saving me trying to find a trustworthy mechanic!!

        Thanks to anyone who can help at all

        You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!


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          i assume its not in 4wd with the centre diff locked?


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            Hi James,

            No the centre diff is not locked - The 4WD lever is in the H4-H2 position but will not turn off from 4WD when the button is released - it just keeps flashing on the dash and nothing from all the tips previously on this site is working to release it! I think it is slightly releasing but not fully as the steering is harder when I release the button

            I would really appreciate some advice as to where to look under the car for signs of damage etc?

            I just dont want to be taken for a ride (to coin a phrase!) by some garage that doesn't really know what its doing anyway

            Thanks guys

            You've heard of Lara Croft, she didn't own a SURF!


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              I am no expert in the 4wd engaging side of the vehicle, but once you get it dis engaged again keep engaging and dis engaging, it has clearly been under used so is suffering!

              have you done a search on here? i know there is quite a bit on this topic on 2nd gens


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                i had a problem engaging 4 w.d. on my 3rd gen, every garage i took it to did,nt have a clue, ended up a 500mile round trip to see tony at 4x4toys fixed , the man,s a zen god when it comes to surfs, if your stuck give him a bell.


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                  Do you know why yours was stuck, and how it was unstuck ? I'm in SW Scotland and have not yet found a Surfmeister near me., so any DIY pointers would be very gratefully received.

                  Bought my Gen 3 a month ago. I know the 2WD/4WD button worked a year ago, but then it just was not used. So now I only have 2WD and the famous flashing lights when I push the button. Lots of hopeful noises from the transfer case, but the lights keep flashing. Have been underneath and all connections are there. Unjammed all the external mechanical linkages but getting into a transfer case is way over my pay grade. Have yet to try 'smack it with a hammer' as I don't think gearboxes really like hammers.