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starting issue - have fuel, cranks, no start

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  • starting issue - have fuel, cranks, no start

    Hi all,

    I have a starting issue with my 96 Surf. The instrument cluster lights all come on (to power to the ECU), under hood fuses look good, glow plug light comes on (albeit very quickly turns off), and cracking the injectors shows fuel going to the lines.

    I'm not a diesel mechanic, so I'm there something else that is keeping the engine from starting? I know on a gas engine (petrol), sometimes the ECU will allow everything to happen except the spark, but I am not sure about a diesel engine.

    Thanks for any and all help you can give a Canuck.

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    Hi, Its possible the injection pump isn't actually pressurising the fuel. If you put the injector pipes back on, tighten everything up,get a willing volunteer to rest their hand on the pipe as close the injector as you can, to see if you can feel, what feels like a spring pinging off. this is the injector "creak" and if you don't get that, there is no injection taking place, or at lease no atomisation.

    What is the engines compression like?

    Timing belt intact?



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      Hi n welcome, First make sure all the injector pipes are connected to the injectors tight ...
      Two people needed (one to turn the key n yourself to do the donkey work) Start at the back of the Engine (by the bulkhead) crack off this injector pipe (not fully undone) other person on the key to turn it over n you to check diesel is there !! If this is the case cease cranking n Tighten injector pipe, repeat this process till all 4 are done this way ..
      Good Luck

      18+ Years of Surfs n 10 years later me KZN 130 Spotless it wasn't but Faultless to a "T" it was but expired in March 2018....My other replacement Truck is now also faultless to a "T" !!
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        not sure if this would be the same as the 2.4 2LTE but when i re engined mine i had this problem,turned out one of the earths at the back of the engine had came off (fuel pump) the hand pump on the filter is all i did,pump up till you feel pressure crack open where it feeds the pump,any fault codes,