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1kz Mechanical Pump Issues

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  • 1kz Mechanical Pump Issues

    Hi All

    I have a Landcruiser that has had a 1kz-T conversion. It has a mechanical pump (not efi) with the 1kz bottom and what looks to be a 2lt top and and 11mm plunger (I did not do the conversion).

    The vehicle has been running with this conversion for 6 years or so. Over the past 6 months I have noticed it getting harder to start when cold. I started at the glowplug system, replaced glowplugs, tested voltage etc and this is all fine. I think I have narrowed the issued to a air leak into the fuel system. I found it did start a bit better when the primer pump was pumped up so replaced the primer pump, the rubber fuel lines to it, and pulled the fuel sender out of the tank to check for corrosion (no issues there).

    What I have noticed is that when the fuel primer is pumped right up hard, you can hear a slight hiss of air escaping somewhere at the injector pump but no diesel leaks. Does anyone have any suggestions at where this air could be escaping from or where air could leak into the pump?

    Is there some sort of valve in these custom injector pumps that could let diesel leak through when the engine is switched off?