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Very poor acceleration 2L-TE EFI

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  • Very poor acceleration 2L-TE EFI

    Hi everyone.
    I am Adrian from Romania.
    I am hilux surf owner LN130 2.4TD EFI automatic,1992 manufacture year, right hand drive.
    I bought the car in august 2008 and a problem continue to persist such as very poor acceleration from 0.
    Now I want tell you about few repair made:
    2008 -replace head gasket, new timig beelt kit and water pump
    In last month I replace the few senzors: ecu senzor, turbo air temp senzor, electric fun swich sensor ( all sensor are genuine toyota)
    -Transmision oil replace (dexron III genuine toyota)
    -transfer box oil replace.
    Now, what hapen!
    I don't feel nothing change. ECU was reset
    My hilux simptoms is Intermittent. Have good day and bad day.
    Good dey: perfect cold start and good running and increase in speed with minimal throttle. very little trashed and low consumption, about 13-14 liters/100Km Urban
    Bad days
    perfect cold start but slow acceleration. Litle more good wen the engine is coold. when the engine become hot (normaly hot) starting away becomes difficult and cumbersome and speed increase slowly. The engine sound is like I try to tow a very heavy trailer, it is exactly sound and consumption increase over 18 liters/100km.
    At this point if you want to climb a curb fail. machine speed increases slowly and progressively until somewhere over 2000 rpm, the turbine wheel frame but get stuck in the headboard. I tried this and in low range L, nothing changes. If you want to straddle the 30cm curb must act from low range transfer box.
    No black smoke
    I noticed though that when the air is cooler works better ( all filter was changed)

    Has anyone a similar problem?
    Thank you very much and waiting your opinions
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    When I changed the head gasket in 2008 I noticed the hole in the intake to head oil deposit consistency between 3 and 5mm thick all around. I did not clean anything because I had disassembled the head. I think it submission comes from the turbo oil vapor.
    Can this be a cause of slow acceleration? How can I clean this submission?

    I still have a question about crack head.

    I bought the car with this problem and I did not know. In the city did not have temperature problems but when we left the highway after 40Km I noticed was the maximum possible temperature indicator. I stopped at a gas station I was supplied with water and I still continued to destination way 300km. During this journey the engine has boiled 10-15 times and each time waiting to cool and fill with water. We go way back with the same engine in the same state. After that I replaced the head gasket and since then I have traveled about 30,000 km and not experience any problems with increased temperature. I think the original head is made of cast iron and without improvements.
    Today my surfing has 246,000 Km.
    Why not head cracked after being abused without mercy?


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      I have exactly the same symptoms as the op, anyone able to help????