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    Hi can any body tell me why my engine runs fine when cold but runs rough on idle when warm?? new head, turbo, injectors, it's a 2.4td ssrx please shed some light on it. thanks

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    Originally posted by leigh345 View Post
    Hi can any body tell me why my engine runs fine when cold but runs rough on idle when warm?? new head, turbo, injectors, it's a 2.4td ssrx please shed some light on it. thanks
    I would suspect that you are draging air into the injector pipes .....check all nuts and unions
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      Rough Idle

      Ok checked injector pipes all tight. it is running smooth on idle, but when i take it down the road and come to a stop it shaking the truck on idle, but if i rev it while in park it idles smooth again, drive a bit further down the road and stop it idles rough again. i am on the edge of scrapping it i have spent loads on this truck. please help me


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        Have you got any error codes showing?
        it's in me shed, mate.


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          Hi checked codes by jumping te1-e1 flashes 11 times then repeats?



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            Hi check out the throttle position sensor on the intake body, is it sticking.

            Try the fast idle switch does the engine increase rpm? drive it with fast idle on and see if it ticks over ok when you stop.

            Do you have excess play in the throttle butterfly, Is the bypass butterfly all gummed up.

            The throttle position code is 7, Open or short in tps signal/ Faulty sensor.

            Code11 Is switch signals, A/c circuit /switch, A/C amplifier, TPS circuit, Neutral start switch/Circuit, ECU.

            If you need throttle sensor or ecu I have both spares and throttle body.

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              I would also check all the vacuum pipes are connected to their correct positions, do a search on here and you will find all the relevent details as to where they should go.
              What is the idle speed when it is running lumpy?
              Make sure the throttle plate is adjusted correctly and has not been adjusted back too far causing the buterfly to stick inside the housing.
              I would think it is something quite simple judging from the ammount of work you have already done, so don't give up on it just yet.
              Good luck with it and look for the simple things first before going into scrapping mode !!!
              Keep us informed of any progress, it might just help somone else in the future, that's what this forum is about, helping one another.
              Regards, John.


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                Hi Guys
                first thanks for the replies
                Ok tps checks out ok, vac pipes what i can make out by pictures are right way,
                i don't know about ecu yet. would the fuel pump make it run ok on idle but driven and stop make it idle rough? sounds like it's missing (jumping), if i rev it standing it idles ok!! drive a little way release thottle jumping and cuts out, hard to start again? don't worry john my love for this truck out weighs scrap yard! but it is close lol!! just want her running smooth again


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                  rough engine

                  i dont mean this to sound like a consolation!
                  my engine seems to have similar problem, it purrs on tickover at 850rpm & ok till she reaches opp temp & when under load, but steady driving (norm temp) at 30+ is lumpy as a cattle grid, to a point where its almost unbearable.
                  iv'e tried all above suggestions with fruitless outcome. i had wondered if there was oil bubbling up a vacuum hose or perhaps a missing spark. will update when sorted. atb. steve.
                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                  . cheers atb blynde .