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Code 12 Timer control valve

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  • Code 12 Timer control valve

    hope someone can help me plzzzzzzz
    i have a 2.4 k reg surf LN130
    i am geting Code 12 Timer control valve and the pump has been tested and new seals put in costing me 300 pounds so fare at the garage and thay still have not fixed it thay now say i need a new pump as you can not just buy the Timer control valve can anyonne tell me if you can buy a valve and where to get one and is it hard to do as the garage is bringing my surf back to me and i think it will have to wait till i can get some more cash to fix it
    hope some one can help
    nick aka jarhead

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    i think you can get the timer control valve but it's expensive ive been told around 300, not sure how correct that is. you could pick up a cheap pump from here in the parts for sale and it will take you a day to fit it


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      You can buy the timer control valve, but it is a arm and a leg, I also think the pump will need recalibration after it has been fit.

      If they have messed about with the pump the timing could be out, that will also give a code 12 fault
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        TCV is certainly available for the 3.0 and comes in at a few pennies over 190, ask me how I know?

        expect they are different but I have a good 2nd hand one for the 3.0 which is on the bay just now
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