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92 Hilux Surf LN130 Dead Pedal / Foot Rest?

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  • 92 Hilux Surf LN130 Dead Pedal / Foot Rest?

    Hi, so I have a 2.4 surf that I've been working to restore, and one of the interior things I've run into is that it's missing the dead pedal / foot rest on the right/driver's side. I think it should be a little plastic kinda shelf thing to the left of the pedals. There are a couple metal prongs that it hooks on to.

    Problem is that while I think I have the part number (5819189103), it doesn't appear to be specific to year and I've found different versions. I can order a couple different versions from around the world (I'm in North America), but it's a little pricey to buy blind.

    Was wondering if anyone could help out with a quick photo of their own? Or even a more specific part number with a photo online?

    Thank you! Wasn't sure where to post and had already tried the search function to no avail. Hopefully this is the right place!